At Cherry Creek Pediatric Dentistry, we believe that a healthy smile begins with thorough preventive care. Our approach to pediatric dentistry focuses on guiding children and their families through the essential practices that support lifelong dental health.

Why we Serve Preventive Dental Care

Preventive care in pediatric dentistry is the foundation for healthy teeth and gums. It involves a proactive approach to managing the health of your child’s teeth to prevent the development of cavities, gum disease, and other dental issues. We aim to equip both parents and children with the knowledge and habits necessary for maintaining optimal oral health. Our children’s dentist and team offer the following preventive treatments:

The Foundations of Good Oral Hygiene and Healthy Choices

Education plays a pivotal role in preventive care. Our children’s dentist takes pride in teaching our young patients about the correct way to brush and floss. This education is not just about technique; it also includes understanding why good oral hygiene is vital. We discuss the effects of sugar on teeth and the importance of a balanced diet, helping children to make healthier choices about what they eat and drink.

Additionally, we foster an environment that makes dental visits a positive experience. Our team is trained to address the fears and concerns of children gently and patiently, ensuring they feel safe and understood.

Schedule Your Child’s Checkup

In preventive pediatric dentistry, our goal is to prevent the onset of dental disease and to maintain the natural structure of the teeth. By intervening early, we lay the foundation for a healthy oral environment that supports not just dental health, but overall well-being. Our commitment to preventive care is a promise to our patients and their families. We are here to provide support, education and the highest quality care in a friendly and inclusive environment. Call us at 303-757-8844 to schedule your child’s preventive pediatric care in Denver, Colorado, with Dr. Kojo Danso.